How to Increase Your Alcohol Tolerance

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How to Increase Your Alcohol Tolerance

For periods of stress and merrymaking, alcohol comes as the main protagonist.  One sip from your glass or bottle makes you a tad bit jollier, en route to forgetting the stressful moments brought by a busy week.  The problem is, not all people can hold their alcohol.  They get either too tipsy or knocked out after downing a small amount of beer or liquor.  Light drinking males are also subjected to jokes and ridicule because of their low tolerance for alcohol.  Remember, great men undergo periods of intense training and practice before they were able to sit on their laurels.  The same applies to powerful drinkers.

A Progressive Increase

If you want a quick way to increase your tolerance, try adding a bottle of beer or a glass of liquor to your normal intake each time.  Your body will get accustomed to your increased intake of alcohol.  Soon enough, you’ll be downing as much bottles as the strongest drinker in your group.  Just bring muscular level-headed companions during your outings, in case you do something stupid when you’re drunk.

Add Motivation to Your Drinking

Don’t want your date think you’re a lightweight? Bullied by your burly drinking buddies because of your low alcohol tolerance? You can use those situations as your motivation to drink more.  Imagine how you can ridicule your drunken critics if you were able to beat them in their own game.  Think of all the sensual moments you could have with all of your crushes. Now drink.

Caffeine Before Alcohol

With much stimulation, anyone’s alcohol tolerance skyrockets.  A quick way to make yourself hyperactive is by drinking coffee before engaging a drinking session.  Caffeine is powerful enough to keep you jumpy for the entire night, so it can somewhat counteract the drowsy pull of alcohol.  Ideally, you should drink coffee at least a couple of hours before your first glass or bottle of alcohol.  Coffee and alcohol don’t normally mix well in the stomach.  You might end up spewing your dinner if you drink alcohol too soon.

Lower the Tolerance of Your Buddies

Watching a strong drinker struggle early is gratifying for all light drinkers.  The sight can even motivate them to drink more, passing the count of beer bottles downed by the supposed powerful drinker.  So how do you lower the tolerance of your drinking buddies? Bore them to death with uninteresting stories and an annoyingly laid back demeanor.

Without stimulation, your buddies will take a longer time in finishing their alcohol.  Their brains will have enough time to recognize beer as a filling substance and the slammer as a highly intoxicating beverage, which in effect, lowers their intake for the night.  Yes, this strategy sounds bogus, but do give it a shot.  You might be surprised with the results.

Drink Nightly

This is done for very obvious reasons.  If you form a drinking habit, an increase in your tolerance for alcohol is inevitable.

Be a Legendary Swiller

Master these four strategies well then apply them wisely.  Not before long, your alcohol tolerance will inspire more than a few urban legends.  Now how does that sound?  Get off your chair and don’t come back until you have a beer can or a liquor glass in hand.