How to Improve Your Appetite

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How to Improve Your Appetite

Stress and some illnesses can decrease your appetite. Foods are your everyday fuel. It’s important that you take in enough nutritious foods so you can accomplish your daily tasks. Here are some tips on how to improve your appetite.

Food Aesthetics

Colors, shapes and aromas affect your appetite. Do you ever wonder why most fast food chains use the colors red and yellow? Studies say that the most appetizing and appealing colors are red, yellow, orange, green and brown. Blue, purple and black are known to decrease appetite because people have associated these colors with molds.

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  • Play with colors. Try to garnish your meals. Carrot sticks together with your steak is not only aesthetically appealing but is also healthy for you. You can also choose colored plates and utensils, especially when preparing a meal for a child.
  • Consider the servings of your meal. Big portions may curb your appetite. Having small servings will prevent you from getting overwhelmed by the serving size.
  • When preparing foods, make sure that you cut meats or vegetables properly. A hastily cut meat or vegetable won’t look too appealing when cooked. You cut vegetables to different shapes to help your child eat his veggies.
  • Aromas play an important role in improving your appetite. Use different herbs and spices for your dishes. Basil, Oregano and Fennel are examples of herbs that you can use.

Avoid Junk Foods

Junk foods make you feel bloated. Don’t drink carbonated beverages and eat gas-forming foods.

Set a Schedule

Set a time for meals and be sure to follow the schedule. This way, your body will get used to eating at that certain time.

Focus on your Meal

When it’s time to eat, stop what you’re doing and eat your food. Make eating enjoyable by appreciating your meal. Take note of how the food tastes, its consistency, the presentation of the food, and how it was cooked. All these would make eating interesting.

Avoid Too Much Fluids When Eating

It’s important to have enough fluids when you eat, but don’t over do it. Don’t fill up your stomach with water so you can eat more. 8- 10 glasses of water a day is enough.

Have some Tea

Studies say that certain teas can help increase your appetite. Try drinking any of these teas:

  • Peppermint
  • licorice
  • Chinese Ginseng


Supplements of Vitamin B, Zinc and Vitamin A will help boost your appetite. Consult your doctor if you can take these supplements. There are also commercially available appetite boosters that you can buy.


Inactivity makes your circulation sluggish and makes you feel heavy. Exercising will boost up your metabolism, leading to an increase in appetite. You don’t have to go to the gym for a good work out. Speed walking for 15 to 30 minutes everyday is enough to keep your circulation in tip top condition.

There are many ways to increase your appetite. A weight loss of more than 10% of your body weight and a decrease in appetite may signal a health condition that needs to be treated. Consult your doctor if you notice a significant amount of weight loss and if your appetite doesn’t improve even after following any of the tips above.

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