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How to Improve Curb Appeal

How your house looks on the outside is important, whether it’s because you want to impress your neighbors or because you’re selling your home. If you think your home’s appearance isn’t as pleasing as you want it to be, here are a few helpful tips on how to improve curb appeal.

What You’ll Need:

  • Garden tools
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Paint
  • Ornaments
  • Lawn mower
  • Power wash

Clean Up

Simply tidying up your lawn can make a big difference. Scan your property and look for items that you don’t need or that look unpleasant. For example, old patio furniture can be discarded. Rubbish stacked against your wall can be thrown out, too. If you have an old statue that looks old and worn-out, remove it and consider replacing it with a new one.

Improve Your Landscape

A pleasantly landscaped home always looks impressive. Enhance your lawn’s appearance by pruning and planting. Clear away dead trees and plants, but prune shrubs and trees that have potential, to give them a more pleasant look. Mow your lawn and trim the hedges. If possible, add some trees to give focal points and  create majesty, as well as hide unpleasant sights such as garbage cans. If you have flowerbeds, turn the soil, then plant a mix of brightly colored perennials and annuals.

Wash Your Home

Repainting isn’t really necessary, especially if it hasn’t been long since you gave your home a new coat. Instead, power wash your home. This is a job you can do by yourself (just rent a power washer at a home improvement store) or with the help of a professional.

First, protect the plants, brick and stone walls, and the patio with plastic sheets. Then, hose off the walls, working from top to bottom. You can use a stiff-bristle brush and a mixture of non-phosphate detergent and water for better scrubbing. Power washing freshens up your home’s paint color, making it look more pleasing to the eye.

Paint It

Sometimes, not even a good washing can improve a home. You should then repaint it. Choose a vibrant and attractive color to transform the place. If this goes beyond your budget, you can just paint the trim.

Add Garden Ornaments

If you think your lawn still lacks appeal, even after you’ve tidied it up, you can add lovely embellishments to create visual interest. Fences, water features and lamps by your pathway are great ideas. If you’re afraid they’ll cost too much, you can just recycle some materials. For example, find a copper pot or a vase that you can transform and put in the garden. If you know how to sculpt, get some unused materials from your garage and create a masterpiece for the yard.

Other Home Beautification Tips

  • Ask a friend or neighbor to comment on your home. A fresh eye can give you great tips and maybe better ideas for improvement.
  • Focus on the small details. Your mailbox, front light, front door, house numbers might seem unimportant, but you’ll be surprised at the elegance and beauty they can give to your place.
  • Put your cars in the garage. They can clutter up your home’s view.
  • Primp your pathway. The steps and walkway add style to your home.

A lovely home is a lovable home. Transform your place into something you and other people will adore with these simple tips.

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