How to Imitate Voices

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How to Imitate Voices

Imitating voices can be a great party trick but if you’re an actor or even a radio personality, imitating voices can make you more interesting. Here’s how you can practice imitating other people’s voices.

  1. If you’re a singer, it’s probably best not to imitate voices that are very different from yours. You’ll be making your vocal chords go through hoops, so it’s better not to risk it, especially if you’re going to take the voice imitation practice seriously.
  2. You can start by observing accents. Imitating accents is a great way to start because you get a feel of how words flow out different in different people. Imitating specific people means copying unique aspects of their voice and talking.
  3. Observe the person whose voice it is you’re going to imitate. Each person has their own unique way of speaking, and to make an accurate imitation, you’ve got to take in the details of how he or she speaks. Take note of the facial expressions, how the person enunciates words, how the person puts certain stresses in words and syllables, and even how how the person breathes when speaking.
  4. Imitating how a person moves and the person’s gestures also help a lot, especially in letting other people know who it is exactly you’re imitating. Take note of nervous movements such as touching one’s hair, neck or face. Look at how the person walks and how the person carries himself or herself.
  5. Use all aspects of your physicality to imitate voices. Not only should you use your tongue and lips, but you should also use your teeth, nose, throat and diaphragm. If the voice you’re imitating is gravelly, use your throat to good effect. If you’re going for a high-pitched voice, use your throat. If you’re going nasal, depend on your nose when speaking rather than your throat.
  6. Try to find a recording of the person you wish to copy. Painters like to keep a picture of anything they’re painting, and you can do the same by observing the person you wish to imitate over and over again. Try to repeat actions, speaking and other habits until you’ve gotten them down. It’ll be easier to copy other mannerisms after.