How to Heal Cracked Heels

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How to Heal Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are usually a result of environmental factors coupled with frequent activities done on foot. People who usually spend the majority of days up and about are usually victims of cracked heels. Cracked heels can cause pain and discomfort when walking, not to mention can make your feet look very unsightly. Here’s how to heal your cracked heels.


  • Pumice stone
  • Warm soapy water or a foot soak
  • Pure, modified lanolin
  • Clean socks
  • Foot lotion
  • Foot towel
  • Hair dryer
  • Foot file


  1. Before going to bed, use a pumice stone to buff off as much of the calloused skin on your feet. Be gentle when buffing, and don’t force the skin to come off as this may cause infection. Do this for around a week.
  2. After buffing your feet’s callouses, have warm soapy water filled up halfway in a water basin and soak your feet in it for around 15 minutes. You can also use special foot soak solutions for this purpose. As you soak your feet, pumice your calloused skin some more, using gentle motions.
  3. If you have seriously calloused heels, you can use a foot file after the soak to get rid of the more stubborn callouses and dry skin.
  4. Dry your feet thoroughly with a towel. Use a hair dryer and put it on the lowest setting to ensure your feet are dry, as moist feet can lead to infection.
  5. Apply 100% pure modified lanolin all over your heels after drying your feet.
  6. Put on a clean pair of socks and leave them on overnight.
  7. After waking up, remove the socks and put on more modified lanolin over your heels. Put on another fresh pair of clean socks.
  8. Repeat the whole process from the start everyday for a week. Do it twice a day in a week if your heels are very cracked and very painful.
  9. When your heels have healed, stop doing the soaks, but continue with putting on lanolin and socks every night to maintain it.