How to Hang Pictures Without Nails

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How to Hang Pictures Without Nails

While nails are the easiest go-to tools when it comes to hanging pictures, sometimes they just won’t do. If you want to keep your walls looking pristine, or if the dorm you’re staying in doesn’t allow nails, here’s how you can still hang up your beloved pictures.

Magic Tape

The term magic tape has been around for a while, and it’s known to be magical for a good reason. This type of tape won’t mark walls, paint or wallpaper. Be sure to ask for something that can hold up something as heavy as a picture.

To use magic tape, cut out in small to middling-sized pieces. Take one piece and roll them outward, so that the sticky side is out. Tape the two ends together.

Put one side of the sticky side on the four corners at the back of the picture frame. If the picture frame is particularly heavy or large, or if you just want to make sure it will hold better, you can try putting up more pieces of tape on the center part or in between the corners.

Carefully tape the picture frame against the wall. Remember, this route is most effective for small to medium-sized frames only. Anything bigger than that may not prove so successful.

To make the task easier, you can use the double-sided tape variety instead.

Poster Tacks

Poster tacks are small, round circular sticky patches or balls that you can attach walls. Once attached, you can then affix the pictures without any problem at all. You also have the option of putting the poster tacks on the back of the pictures first, and the wall after. Poster tacks are usually produced by the brand 3M. These only leave faint to no marks on the wall after use.

Sticky Hangers

Sticky hangers are made the same way like poster tacks, with one crucial difference: It has a hook on one side. In fact, one sticky hanger can do the job of four poster tacks, especially if you apply the sticky hanger on the wall as best as you could. However, unlike the poster tacks, sticky hangers can leave indelible marks on the wall after use, so make sure that it’s allowable to use!


Velcro is usually used on bags, shoes, furniture and the like, but they can be pretty helpful on the walls too. Look for the velcro specifically made to hang pictures up in the wall. This may need to use some adhesive when putting up one side of the velcro on the wall, but it still makes for a great alternative to nails.

Picture Clothesline

You can get creative when it comes to looking for alternatives. If none of the suggestions mentioned earlier are acceptable, then you will just have to work with the things that you have in your room. First, look forĀ  already-existing nails embedded on the walls.

Next, use a simple string to connect two nails to each other, like a clothesline. Make sure that it’s tied securely on each end. Now you can simply clip up pictures on the so-called picture clothesline like a line of laundry. Pretty creative and you didn’t even have to spend too much on it.