How To Hang Deer Meat

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How To Hang Deer Meat

Hanging deer meat is considered by many to be an important step in aging the meat. Soon after the death of the animal, rigor mortis sets in, which is characterized by stiffening of muscles. Later, the tenderization of meat starts.

Tools/Materials Required

  • Sharp knife
  • Rope
  • Hacksaw or bone saw

Removal Of Entrails

In the beginning you will need to remove all the internal organs of the deer. To do this, use a sharp knife to cut along the skin. Start from below and work upward until you reach the sternum. Then cut through the sternum until you have opened up the deer completely. Tilt the deer to one side so that all organs come to the side. Gently cut off these organs; take care not to puncture them.

Cleaning The Inside

After removing all the internal organs, spray plenty of water inside the deer’s body cavity until the insides have been cleansed of all blood. An important part of preparing the meat is to cool the deer as soon as you cut it open. Dryness also needs to be maintained in the chest cavity. Use dry towels for this purpose.

Hanging The Deer

After cleaning the insides, hang the deer upside down. Use a thick piece of rope to attach the deer to a tree branch.

Skinning The Deer

After you have hung the deer, use a sharp knife to skin the deer. You can use a skinning knife for this purpose. Make the cut at a depth of around one-fourth to half an inch, and use only the tip of the knife. Some people prefer to retain the hide during aging of the meat, but it can attract insects, dirt, and leaves, etc.

Cutting The Head

Next you need to cut off the deer’s head and front limbs with the help of a hacksaw. You can even use a bone saw for this. You also need to cut off the ankle portion of the rear limbs with the help of the hacksaw.

Aging The Deer Meat

After you have cut off the head and limb portions, let the deer meat age at a temperature of around 40°F. It has been found that deer meat is tastiest after about 5 or 7 days. However, the aging process depends on many factors such as the deer’s age, temperature, size of the deer, etc.

Duration Of Hanging

The duration for which you need to hang the deer depends primarily on the temperature outside, although it also depends on the size of the deer. If it is very hot outside, do not age it for too long. In colder climes more than 7 days may be required. Also, if the deer is older or large-sized, more time will be required for the meat to tenderize.