How to Grow Grass

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How to Grow Grass

If your lawn is dead and needs planting of new grass then you probably already know that planting grass from seeds can be a difficult process. Even though there is a lot to planting grass from seeds, much of the work comes on its own after the seeds are already planted. But there are some crucial steps that you first have to take in order to successfully prepare for well-grown grass.

The very first thing that you need to do when thinking about planting grass from seeds is to get rid of the old grass or sod that is in your lawn. This will require a leveler that will get up most of the grass from the area that you want to plant new grass. Leveling the area out after you pick up all of the old sod or grass is also crucial to having perfectly grown fresh grass. After you’ve leveled out the lawn from the old sod that you’ve taken up, edging the corners and ends of the lawn where you want the grass to stop growing will also make the grass look neat and clean. Following the digging up of the soil, though, you also want to till the soil before and after you’ve fertilized. Before you fertilize the soil you want to till the soil to make sure it all gets not only mixed up well enough, but also so that the fertilizer will have more of a chance to spread through the layers of the soil before you till.

The nutrients that you should spread over the lawn include soil conditioner as well as compost with Phosphorus. Phosphorus is very important to freshly grown grass and both of these ingredients can be purchased from a local greenhouse or other garden store or department. After these ingredients have been spread over the future lawn space, the ground should be prepared by tilling the soil once again to make sure the soil conditioner and phosphorus has gotten thoroughly mixed up.

When you’re finally ready to plant the grass seeds that you’ve bought, there are several ways you can go about this process. Some experts suggest that you need a seed spreader. While you can use a seed spreader to plant the grass effectively and efficiently, you can also plant the grass by spreading it with your hands; it will be just as effective if you use this process, though. Whatever route you decide to take, though, be sure to spread the grass seeds evenly over the lawn site. An optional step after planting the grass seeds is to lay down some straw lightly on top of the grass seeds and soil so that it covers them. Some people say that this helps them grow better, but others have found that it doesn’t matter either way.

As far as watering goes, the first step you take after spreading the seeds is to water the lawn. You don’t want to drown the grass seeds by adding too much water, but you want to use a fine mist. This can be done by purchasing a water sprinkler so that the whole lawn is systematically watered evenly. The grass seeds need watered every day to grow beautifully. But if you continue to water the grass along with the other preparation steps you have taken, the grass should sprout up nicely and make a perfect lawn that you’ve created all by yourself!

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