How to Grow Barley

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How to Grow Barley

Planning the Site

Barley is like thyme, which prefers a well-drained light soil. The soil should not be too rich in nutrients, because this will only make the plant “leggy.” Its compact shape will then be lost.

Preparing the Site

A distance of 20 inches between the rows is ample for most vegetables, including barley, in a carefully managed garden. Appropriate thinning for all kinds of barley is advisable. Do not permit plants to crowd one another in the row.

Required Materials

Certified barley seeds, fertilizers, and nitrogen enhancers are the basic requirements.

Watering Requirements

Growing barley does not need too much water. Excessive watering may lead to decomposition.

Nutrients Required

All malt production requires a lower level of nitrogen than feed production. Some malting contracts specify the amount of grain nitrogen required. Nitrogen rates will depend on soil type and fertility levels, but all applications should be completed by the end of March.


Sowing winter barley as early as winter wheat does not offer the same advantages. Winter barley is more prone to frost damage on forward crops in the spring, and the most common period for drilling is from the September end to October end.

When drilling early (before the fourth week of September), it is best to select a later-maturing variety that will be less affected by frost. This cannot always be guaranteed as late frosts in May can still cause problems.


You will know that barley has attained full maturity when it is golden in color and brittle. Barley moves easily in the wind and resembles a wheat field. Cut the barley now. After you cut the barley plants, the next step depends entirely on your intended use. If you plan on using it as animal feed, chances are you have a machine to help with the cutting. If you are malting it (for beer, other alcohol, and malted foods), it also may be mass-produced. In this case you will need the appropriate tools. For human food, cut the barley plants manually.

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