How to Get a Fiancee Visa

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How to Get a Fiancee Visa

The fiancee visa, also known as the K-1 visa, is a visa that is required for anyone who wishes to enter the United States of America to marry an American national. The K-1 visa allows the fiancee to enter the country only once, and must marry within a span of 90 days. Further information are detailed below.


The process of applying for a K-1 visa can be quite complicated. You have a choice of either hiring an immigration lawyer, or you can request the assistance of non-profit organizations who are willing to help you out. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) field offices can help you in finding one such non-profit organization.


  1. Make sure that you and your fiancee are able to marry. This means that both of you must either be single or previous marriages must have ended in divorce, annulment or death.
  2. You must have met your fiancee within at least the last two years prior to filing for a visa.
  3. If your fiancee has any children under the age of 21, you may also apply for them to come in the country with the parent who is your fiancee.


  1. You must file petition Form I-129F, “Petition to Classify Status of Alien Fiance for Issuance of Nonimmigrant Visa” at the USCIS. Specifically, you must file this petition in the field office closest to where the American national is residing.
  2. The petition will be forwarded to the American Embassy of your fiancee’s home country, where your fiancee in turn will file his or her visa. He or she will be instructed to schedule the required medical examination. Should he or she be found with mental illness or communicable disease, the petition will be denied.
  3. You can keep updated on the status of the petition by contacting the field office where the petition was filed.
  4. Your fiancee should also expect an interview with an official at the Embassy or Consulate. Make sure that all documents required be ready to be submitted. Evidence of the relationship must also be provided, which includes photos, phone bills or any form of correspondence. Your fiancee must also be ready to answer prying questions on the nature and depth of the relationship. The existence of the relationship between petitioner and fiancee must be established.
  5. The petition may then be either approved, denied or requested to provide additional information. A denied petition will be returned to the field office where it originated.


  1. Should the petition for fiancee visa be denied, a denial letter will be sent to the appellant. The letter will detail how to appeal for the petition.
  2. You may appeal within 33 days after receiving the denial letter by mail.
  3. File your appeal on USCIS Form I-290B, and filed at the same field office where you had filed the original petition. Be ready to pay some processing fees.


  1. The fiancee visa will be issued after the approval of the petition.
  2. Your fiancee must enter the country only once, within six months of the fiancee visa’s issuance.
  3. When your fiancee enters the United States, it is required that the couple be married within 90 days of entry. Otherwise, the visa will be revoked and fiancee required to return to the country of his or her origin.