How to Fix a Chipped Windshield

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How to Fix a Chipped Windshield

Windshields are durable and built to last, but one small chip or nick on the surface is all it takes to ruin the whole thing. Replacing the entire windshield makes sense if your entire windshield is ruined, but it’s not worth the time and expense if you only have to deal with a few nicks and chips from road debris. Here’s how you can save on effort and money by fixing a chipped or nicked windshield.

Why Fix a Chipped Windshield?

When you have a chipped windshield, you may think that the damage would be contained in just one small nick. The problem is that windshields are designed to distribute damage; one small nick or chip is all it takes to completely destroy the windshield over time. The laminated structure of the windshield does not have a single stress point, unless the links that make it strong are broken. One nick will lead to hairline cracks, which will eventually shatter the windshield. As soon as you see a small nick on the windshield, you need to repair it as soon as possible.


To repair a chipped windshield, you need the following tools:

    shattered windshield

  • Windshield repair kit. Windshield repair kits come with a suction cup, a small plastic disc, a small cone, and a syringe that contains clear resin enough for six or more windshield repair jobs. You can buy a windshield repair kit from a car care center or the auto supply section of a hardware store.
  • Cleaning tools. A dirty windshield is difficult to clean. You will need a lot of soapy water, window cleaner, a Squeegee, and microfiber or chamois cloths.


To repair a chipped windshield, follow these steps:

  1. Clean the windshield. Pay special attention to the nicked area of the windshield, and get as much of the debris and chipped glass out of the chipped hole.
  2. Stick the suction cup to the inside part of the windshield, directly behind the chipped area.
  3. Remove the adhesive backing from the plastic disc and lay it on the chipped area of the windshield.
  4. Using the tip of the cone, punch a small hole on the center of the plastic disc.
  5. Insert the syringe inside the cone, and draw out the plunger to create an air seal between the instrument and the suction cup.
  6. Release the plunger to fill the chipped area with resin. Fill the area in with just enough resin to fill the hole flat. Remember that it’s easier to top up a pit with resin than to remove excess resin.
  7. With the syringe, cone, and disc still in place, allow the resin to cure for ten minutes. Remove the instruments and allow the resin to cure for four hours.
  8. Clean the windshield and check to see if the repair job is clean. Make sure there are no air bubbles or stress spots on the chipped area repaired with the resin.

A new windshield will set you back for a couple of weeks and a couple of hundred dollars to replace. With a windshield repair kit and the proper steps to repair a chipped windshield, you don’t have to worry about your windshield shattering or getting completely ruined anytime soon.



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