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How to Find the One

Are you one of those people who meet a girl or guy, proclaim to the world that he or she is the one you’re spending your life with, only to break up after a few months after? Searching for the right individual to make you complete is never easy, but don’t fret: there are a few tips to help you find the one.

Don’t Rush

Many people, especially those who are starting to feel as if they’re old or matured enough, always rush about to find a perfect mate. The moment they meet someone who can make them laugh/treats them well/physically attractive, they immediately think of that person as the one for them. Oftentimes, this doesn’t end the way they want to. Don’t rush when looking for love. Take time to get to know people and potential mates. You’ll never know, the person whom you thought was perfect from you will end up having a major flaw that will be too unbearable for you.

Be Ready To Commit

The right time to go looking for the one is when you know that you yourself are ready to settle down. Don’t go looking for someone, unless you’re really ready to commit to a serious relationship. You’ll only end up playing with another person’s feelings. When you’re physically and mentally matured, then finding the one becomes easier.

Set Minimal Expectations

You expect for the one to have all the attributes you look for in a partner. Setting standards and expectations is all right, but if the person you love doesn’t have all of them, do not shun them aside. Accept them for whatever flaws they might have and try to see their best features instead. Be realistic; No one’s perfect.

The One For You Might Be Lurking Around

This is one mistake many people often commit. They spend too much time looking at other people, in other places, without realizing their potential partner is actually in front of them the whole time. Don;t look too far. You might not expect it, but it might turn out the one you’re looking for is actually somewhere close, like your best friend or neighbor, for instance.


soulmatesHow will you find the one if you don’t go out searching? Put yourself in the dating market, and go out with men or women who you find interesting or attractive. If you’re a girl, don’t act too coy. If you’re a guy, pluck up some courage to ask a girl you like out.

  • Accept blind dates - Having a friend fix you up with another person you don’t know might not be so annoying, if they manage to hook you up with someone whom you might find likable.
  • Go online - There are many online dating sites available today, allowing men and women to find “the one” in cyberspace.
  • Try speed dating - If you have no time to meet new men or women, this is for you. This is a popular trend among busy individuals, allowing them to meet different potential partners in just one meeting.

Determine That He/She Is Really The One

You’ve convinced yourself that the man or woman is your match, but how do you know that he or she feels the same way you do, and the relationship will work for a lifetime? There are several things to look for:

  • You respect and accept each others’ values and beliefs. There are minor disagreements, but they can be resolved.
  • Your partner will find time for you, no matter how busy life is.
  • He or she loves you for you and does not ask you to change.
  • You feel good together.
  • Trust and love are both present.
  • You are both happy.

The bottomline is this: the one is someone you have learned to love without judgement, and with all your heart. If you think you’ve got the right guy or girl, then congrats; you’ve found the one.

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