How to Feed 100 People

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How to Feed 100 People

One of the most well-told miracles of Jesus was the feeding of the multitude, where he fed five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish.  Unless you’re capable of miracles, you can’t feed a guest list of one hundred people with that small amount of food.  Feeding large groups can be a challenge for even the most experienced hosts and party planners.  If you need to feed a hundred people for a party, here are some simple tricks for that party miracle:

  1. To save money, buy in bulk.  Many farmers’ markets, wholesale stores, and membership shopping supermarkets offer discounted rates for fresh produce, ingredients, disposable utensils, and other supplies you may need for a large gathering.
  2. Unless you have the tools to cook large amounts of food, you may need to rent equipment like gas ranges, ovens, barbecue grills, and other tools to complement to your existing kitchen items.  You can find these items for lease at a local restaurant supply and rental shop.
  3. Cooking for a large group of people is no easy task.  You need to get some of your friends to help out with preparation work and cooking.  Here’s when you want to have as many cooks as you need, so as not to spoil the party.
  4. The easiest way to cook for and feed a hundred people is to serve them through a buffet.  Unlike standard table settings where you have to worry about how many people have to attend to the needs of your guests, guests help themselves to food at a buffet.  Make sure that there’s plenty of food for everyone, and that the most popular dishes in the buffet are always kept well-stocked.
  5. Make sure to have enough food options on the buffet table to keep your guests happy.  Diners in a buffet serve themselves, so a lot of variety in food choices can keep people entertained, satisfied, and come back for additional helpings.

Some people expect a miracle when they need to feed a lot of people in a party.  Five loaves of bread and two fish will not get you far unless you have miraculous powers, but with these tips, it can be very easy and enjoyable to feed a hundred people in a special gathering or occasion.