How to Drain Your Sinuses

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How to Drain Your Sinuses

Stuffy nose or nasal congestion is not only caused by allergies. Infections, nonallergic rhinitis and structural problems may all lead to congestion. Here are some ways you can follow to drain your sinuses.


  • This is the most common way to treat clogged nose.
    1. Fill a bowl with boiling water.
    2. Use a big towel and drape it over your head.
    3. Lean over the bowl and inhale with your nose.
    4. Do this for a few minutes.
  • If you start to have a hard time breathing, lift the towel for a few seconds and do the procedure again.
  • Adding a few drops of eucalyptus or peppermint oil is also a good idea.

Nasal Sprays

  • There are numerous nasal sprays in the market. Get yourself one and relieve that clogged nose fast. If you don’t want to buy a nasal spray, here are some steps you can follow to make one at home.
    1. Add 1/4 teaspoon of salt and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in a cup 1/4 filled with hot water.
    2. Stir until the salt and baking soda are dissolved properly.
    3. Fill the cup with cold water.
    4. You should now have a lukewarm solution.
    5. Get a nasal aspirator and fill it with the solution.
    6. Lean your head back and squeeze out a small amount of the solution into your clogged nostril.
    7. With your head still tilted backward, slowly move your head to the side to allow the solution to enter your sinus.
    8. Carefully tilt your head forward and allow the solution to drain out from your nostril.


Many people believe that pressure points on the face will help treat nasal congestion.

Frontal Sinuses

  1. Position your thumb in the middle of your forehead, a couple of centimeters above your eyebrows.
  2. With moderate pressure, push your thumb sideways to your temples.

Maxillary Sinuses

With your thumb in the middle of your cheekbones, apply pressure and move your thumbs sideways going to your ears.

Other Methods

Take a Hot Shower

The steam from the shower will help relieve your clogged nose and relax your whole body.

Expectorants and Decongestants

There are over the counter medicines that you can buy to treat nasal congestion, but it’s safer to consult your doctor first before buying any.

Warm Pack

Wrap a warm pack with a towel and put it on your forehead or nose. Do this for only a couple of minutes.

Mentholated Creams and Ointments

Buy Vicks vapo-rub and apply on your temples, under your nose, on your forehead and cheekbones. These are the areas where your sinuses are located.

The best way to prevent nasal congestion is to avoid allergens. Don’t eat foods that you’re allergic to and steer away from areas that may trigger an allergic reaction like a room where people are smoking or an area with animals. For more information regarding this article, read how to get rid of nasal congestion.



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