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How to Cure Boredom

Time drags on painstakingly when you have nothing to do.  As the idle moments continue, you eventually lose the drive to do anything as well.  Boredom shackles you, making you feel miserable.  In truth, escaping its grip is not too hard as long as you can stimulate yourself to pursue your interests, even the simplest ones.  Just think of an activity that can rev up your mind, body, or both.

  • Write – Speaking of simple interests, writing comes as a quick way to cure boredom.  Write an essay, story, or a journal entry about your current preoccupations, including boredom.
  • The Internet – The internet is a fun-filled place, given the variety of websites you can visit.  Go to a site that suits your interests.  If you can’t think of anything, just log on to your favorite social networking site.
  • Random Venue – An adventure kills boredom in an instant.  Board the third bus that comes your way then go down on a random spot that you haven’t visited.  Explore, indulge, lose yourself in the process.  Just take a cab home if you get lost.
  • Date Around – Boredom is simple no match for a gorgeous date.  Go to a bar then show your coolest moves or pickup lines to a dating prospect.  If you got game, prepare for more than a few interesting encounters.
  • Paper Crafts – Instead of killing time, grab a pile of scratch paper and your art materials.  Fold and stick some of the sheets to create cool paper crafts.  You can even make a striking collage if you’re quite artistic.
  • Exercise – Engage in sports or other activities that promote fitness, such as yoga, fire dancing, or rock climbing.  After a session, your mind and body will be too stimulated to accommodate boredom.
  • Hit the Beach – The combination of sun, sea, and sand, not to mention bikinis and toned bodies, is just too pleasurable for boredom to conquer.
  • Spin the Bottle – Turn a boring moment to an exciting one by playing spin the bottle with your friends.  Watch them awkwardly reveal secrets, plus you can also order them to do simple naughty things to their crushes on the group.
  • The Trip Down Memory Lane – Visit your high school and college campuses.  You will remember all the noteworthy events when you were still a student. If you’re lucky, you might even see some of your old professors.
  • Read - Tired of your environment and the people around you? Read a book and you will be introduced to magical realms and interesting characters.
  • Bake – Man does not live on bread alone, he or she can enjoy other goodies like cookies, cakes, pies, and fondue.  Once you smell the aroma of your creations, boredom will then be replaced with craving.

Aside from the activities mentioned in this list, there are tons that you can do to cure boredom.  Overpower the urge to not do anything and focus on what you have always wanted to do for the longest time.  You’ll be surprised at how an uninspired moment can transform into an unfogettable one.  Remember, boredom will cease to exist if you tap each of your interests.

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