How to Crush Ice

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How to Crush Ice

There are some drinks that simply taste better when crushed ice is used. While you can easily go down to a convenience store and buy big bags of crushed ice, you have to admit it can be expensive. Why opt for this when you can easily make crushed ice at home? There are several ways to do this.

Using A Blender

Blenders are highly useful if you’re making delicious fruit shakes or smoothies, but it can also be very handy if you simply want to crush ice. There are many blender models today that have an ice crusher feature, allowing you to crush the ice according to the consistency. Just put in your ice cubes, then hold down the button and let go when you’ve got the size you want. Make sure you use the ice immediately though, as the blending procedure will start to make it melt already.

Using A Plastic Milk Container

This is a great way of recycling old milk or juice containers.

What You’ll Need:

  • Water
  • Flexible milk container or juice jug
  • Hard cement surface


    crushed ice

  1. Wash the container properly, making sure all traces of the liquid it once contained are gone. Otherwise, the taste of milk or juice will linger when you use the ice.
  2. Put water in the container, but leave two to three inches at the top. Put this in the freezer and wait overnight or until the water is frozen.
  3. When the water freezes, take out the jug from the freezer. Go to a place with a hard cement surface, then bang it. Make sure you don’t break the plastic container, though. Continue banging, until all the ice inside is crushed.
  4. Open the lid, then pour the crushed out. Store the container in the freezer until you need it again.

The Wooden Mallet Technique

If you have a wooden mallet in your kitchen, it would also work well for crushing ice. Just transfer the ice cubes in a plastic Ziploc bag, then seal it. Use a mallet to crush the ice into smaller pieces. Make sure you don’t do this over a glass or tiled surface, though, or you’ll end up damaging it.

Opt For Crushed Ice Makers

If you find the tactics above too messy, then the best solution would be to use a crushed ice maker. These are machines that effectively dispense crushed ice without any difficulty, working on can be electric or manual. If you always use crushed ice for your drinks, this is a more practical solution. Find a model that suits your budget and way of living.

With these tips, you can cool your drinks with a generous amount of crushed ice. It’s perfect for hot summer days.

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