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How to Convert to Mormonism

In times of great hardship and spiritual challenges, many people convert to other religions to seek answers to life’s questions and problems.  In Christianity alone, many movements, sects and denominations lay claim to be the one true faith guided by Scripture and a belief in Jesus Christ.  One of these denominations is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS), which is also known as the Mormon Church.

Beliefs of Mormonism

In 1827, a young man named Joseph Smith, Jr. became a witness to the angel Moroni, who acted as the messenger of God.  In the theology of the LDS, the message of God was written on a book made with golden plates.  The translation then became the Book of Mormon, which is one of the sacred texts of the Mormon Church.  Much of the religious beliefs of the LDS come from the Book of Mormon, as well as the New Testament.

Unlike Catholics, Protestants, and the Orthodoxy. the Mormon Church is a restorationist movement.  Mormons believe that because of the message of God through Joseph Smith, they are the one true faith and Church of Jesus Christ.  Here are other beliefs of the Mormons:

  • Like all denominations in Christianity, Mormons believe in the Bible.  Yet they also believe that over time, many errors in the translation of the Bible occurred.  The Mormons believe that the message of the true faith was sent to Joseph Smith.
  • Mormons believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, but they believe that these are separate figures and not part of a Trinity.
  • The Mormons believe that after the resurrection of Jesus, he made his way to the New World (America), and that believers of the LDS are the chosen people of the Lord.
  • Mormons believe in tithing, where they contribute 10% of their earnings to the Church.  They also believe that a person must be baptized by immersion.
  • Mormons believe that the body is the temple of the Lord.  Mormons do not consume alcohol, caffeine, or drugs.  They also avoid wearing revealing clothing.


Like any other religion, you cannot convert to Mormonism just because you feel like it.  LDS believers insist that you first study and accept the beliefs of the Church.  Here are some ways that you can learn about Mormonism, and take the first steps to conversion:


The LDS spreads its faith through missionary work.  Missionaries typically go door-to-door across neighborhoods spreading the word of Mormonism.  Missionaries always evangelize in pairs, and are dressed in Church attire.  While you can let a missionary in your home, you can also contact the local temple and invite a couple of missionaries over for a study on Mormonism.

Reading Materials

You can also study Mormonism on your own provided that you have the proper reading materials.  To understand Mormonism, you have to read and understand the following texts:

  • The Bible: The prescribed version of the Bible among the Mormons is the King James Version.  Special emphasis is placed on the New Testament.
  • The Book of Mormon is the most sacred text of the Mormon faith.
  • The Doctrine and Covenants contain 138 revelations to the believers of the LDS, and is the basis for much of the theology and doctrine of the Mormon Church.
  • The Pearl of Great Price contain the revisions to the Bible, and some of the proper translations and revelations to Joseph Smith.

Be Prepared

There are many prejudiced opinions towards Mormons, and many people misunderstand them to be haughty or just plain strange.  While the Mormon Church is large (with about 13 million believers all over the world), many people have many opinions of Mormons based on religious discrimination, or a lack of understanding of the Mormon faith.  Remember that once you have understood, accepted, and converted to the LDS, you should be prepared to spread the message of the religion to others, and to make people make an informed opinion about the LDS.

Mormonism, like any other faith, is made possible by believing and understanding.  With these tips to help you convert to Mormonism, you can be closer to your own personal salvation.

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