How to Convert PDF to Word

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How to Convert PDF to Word

Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF) is one of the industry’s standards in distributing documents through electronic means.  While PDF is convenient and secure, it’s not easy to edit PDF documents and files.  To edit a report or a document in PDF format, you need to convert it to a suitable document format that can be edited with a program like Microsoft Word.

PDF Conversion Tools

Most PDF files are made in programs like Microsoft Word, Open Office, or Adobe InDesign, and are saved directly as PDF or converted using a program like Adobe Acrobat Distiller or PrimoPDF.  A PDF is usually the final soft copy of a document, although some editing work may be needed for the PDF document after it has been distributed or submitted.

There are two ways to convert a PDF document into a format that can be edited:

  • Conversion sites. Many websites offer free or paid services for them to convert your document through a script found on the site, or a special program in the site server.  The document is then available for download, or will be ported directly through your e-mail service.
  • Conversion software. Some programs that offer to convert PDF files to a format that you can edit can also be downloaded through the Internet, either as freeware or as trial versions for paid programs.  Most conversion programs are small, and make the necessary changes to convert the PDF into a desired file format.

Conversion Formats

Microsoft Word is used to edit text, but you can also perform some limited editing work for pictures, charts, and embedded images.  Here are some of the file and document formats that PDF conversion tools use:

  • Text. Microsoft Word is built to edit text.  Simply copy the contents of Wordpad or Notepad file to Word, and edit and format the text from the program.
  • Image. With Microsoft Word, you can also make some limited changes to the hue, brightness, and contrast of an image in a PDF document.  You can also add frames and borders.
  • Document. One way to determine how a PDF file is created is to press Ctrl+D while the file is open in Adobe Reader, which will then open the Document Properties window.  If you have the program indicated in the “PDF Producer” field, then you can convert the whole PDF document into that particular format or file extension.

PDF is a great way to distribute and store final documents, but you may need to make some revisions here and there.  With these tools and tips, you can still edit a PDF file in Word before finally committing it to a final soft copy.