How to Control Weeds in Your Garden

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How to Control Weeds in Your Garden

Weeds are unwanted plants which grow in your garden, crops, lawn or other agricultural areas, along with the other wanted and valuable plants. They are harmful and they become an obstacle in the growth and development of the wanted and valuable plants. Because weeds compete with the wanted plants for space, nutrients, minerals, water, light and soil, proper steps should be taken for the control and eradication of these pests.

What You’ll Need:

  • Water
  • Kettle for boiling
  • Mulch


This process is easier and economical than the other processes. It includes breaking up of the surface of soil, so that it may help you remove the weeds. First, wet the soil and then remove the weeds with your hands by pulling them. If your garden is big and occupies a large space, then you can use garden tools available in the market.

Pour Hot Water

Boil some water in your kettle and bring it to the garden. Pour the hot water on the crown of weeds, making sure that you don’t harm your wanted plants.


Mulching is also helpful in controlling and eradicating weeds, especially the annual varieties. Mulching also provides additional benefits like conservation of the soil nutrients, minerals and fertility. It helps keep the soil at uniform temperature and makes your garden more attractive and beautiful.

Spread a layer of thick mulch (at least three to four inches) made from leaves, grass clippings, newspapers, rocks, garden bark or some other materials, over the surface of the soil. This will prevent the weeds from germinating by shading them and keeping the temperature cool.

There’s also a type of mulch available in the market that can be easily cut to suit the length and breadth of your garden. These are the most effective aids in the control and eradication of weeds. With the help of mulch, you can easily perish the toughest weeds in your garden.

These methods are helpful and effective. Follow these tactics, you can easily get rid of the harmful plants which have grown into your beautiful garden and have become an obstacle in their growth and development.



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