How to Close a Chip Bag

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How to Close a Chip Bag

Whether you’re having a fun and exciting party or lounging in front of the television, it’s likely that you’ll end up with a half-eaten bag of chips. Leave it lying around is not a good idea, unless you want the mice to feast on your munchies. Don’t worry, though, because there’s an easy way to close a chip bag and preserve the food inside.

Using A Chip Clip

Chip clips are handy items that appear like oversized clips. They come with a clamp that can be opened or closed, and used for holding the bag shut. Chip clips can be used for various purposes and for sealing different bagged packages. They can even be used for holding and organizing paper. They also come in various designs that will please you. Just let out the air from the bag, fold the opened portion down, then clamp the clip over it. Your chips are now safe and snug inside their bag.

The Folding Method

What if you don’t have any chip clip at home? Not everyone has these nifty little gadgets at ready. If that’s the case, then don’t fret. There’s an easy method to seal a chip bag shut without using a clip. All you need are your hands.

    chip bag

  1. Get the chip bag, then squeeze the air out from it. Smooth the ends, so they’re airtight and flat.
  2. Use both your hands to fold the open end downwards, for at least an inch. You only need to fold, not to roll.
  3. Fold the bag again, tucking each folded end under as you go on. Keep doing this until you get to the area just above where the chips are.
  4. Use your hands to flatten the fold, then fold the corners going to the middle. Whichever way you fold them doesn’t matter. You can fold them on the rolled side or away from it.
  5. As you keep the corners folded, unroll the end then fold it over the corners, making a tight hood or pocket that holds the ends inward.
  6. See if it works, by turning the bag upside down.

Some Tips:

  • Don’t leave air inside the bag, or your chips will become stale.
  • The folding method only works paper and foil bags, but not on pliable bags, unless they’re very stiff.
  • Be careful when you test the folding, or the chips might end up on the floor.

Chips taste awesome, but don’t leave the bag lying around open. Try these easy methods, and your munchies will always stay crunchy and there won’t be any mess anywhere.

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