How to Clean Wood Floors

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How to Clean Wood Floors

Wooden floors, when left unclean, look dull with the burden of carrying people and much wear and tear. In addition, the presence of molds and dirt can weaken the entire structure, which may leave some of the pegs loose or warped. You must apply a cleaning procedure that not only clean the surface, but also protects wood. Combine the use of your trusty broom and dustpan with the remedies available at home and at the supermarket.

Home Remedies

Inside your home, there are tools and a cleaning solution used for tidying up your wooden floor. Apply them onto your flooring to remove dirt and to restore some of its former luster.

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  • Vinegar Solution – Vinegar, with its acidity, kills molds and bacteria and can remove stains from your floor. To create a cleaning solution, mix a cup of white vinegar with a gallon of warm water. Sweep the floor, first, to remove large pileups of dust. After sweeping, dip a mop into the solution then apply it on the floor. The wooden planks will gleam nicely when the solution dries.
  • Vacuum – Sweeping the floor may remove dirt from the surface, but the broom will have problems reaching small gaps in between the wooden blanks. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck out all the deposited particles.
  • Frequent Cleaning – Cleaning the floor frequently using the broom and vacuum makes the surface slick, increasing its durability against scratches and wear and tear. Clean your floor at least twice a week.

Home remedies are pretty effective, but their effects may be limited on badly weathered wood. In this case, you should purchase a commercial cleaner or a finishing solution to restore your floor to its youthful state.

Commercial Solutions

The cleaning section of department stores holds a plethora of cleaners and finishing solutions. Purchase reputable brands, since they perform better than cheap generic ones. Both items are great investments, so just purchase one of each if your budget permits you to do so.

  • Wood Cleaner – Cleaning solutions are available for different types of wood. Buy one that is formulated to clean your home’s flooring. Mix one-fourth cup of the solution to a bucket of water. Once done, sweep your floor then run the vacuum. Use a mop or a rug to apply the solution until you cover the entire surface. Rinse the solution using a sponge and warm water. After cleaning, you might be surprised with the results.
  • Finishing Solution – If cleaning can’t restore your badly dulled floor, applying a new finish certainly will. Determine your floor’s finish then purchase the appropriate the solution. Clean the floor using either the wood cleaner or the vinegar solution. After cleaning, apply the finish. Your brushstrokes should go in one general direction, so your floor will look good. When the finish dries, your floor will look like it’s newly installed.

With the combination of home remedies and commercial solutions, cleaning your wooden floor isn’t much of a problem. Just do some cleaning whenever necessary to preserve its beauty and durability.



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  2. deloris said,

    on March 11th, 2010 at 8:40 am

    i used rejuvenate flr finisher on my wood came out perfect.but when i went to clean it with a wood cleaner it caked up and everytime i moped it caked more now the flr is a mess.what do i use to get all the caked up polish off my flr so i can rejuvenate it again?

  3. venette schafer said,

    on June 13th, 2009 at 7:23 am

    article is helpful. like the info about baking soda and vinegar! Would have liked suggestions as to what wood cleaners and finishes. and how do you find out what finish is already on your floo?