How to Choose a High School Graduation Gift

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How to Choose a High School Graduation Gift

Every high school student dreams looks forward to one day in their academic life: high school graduation. Before they move on to the next big adventure that is college, make sure you give them something to commemorate all those years of hard work. Here are some tips to help you choose a high school graduation gift.

What You’ll Need:

  • Money
  • Craft materials
  • Gift certificates

Ask Them What They Want

Most parents, friends or relatives want their graduation gift to be a surprise, but if you really have no clue as to what the students wants, it’s best to just ask him or her. That way, you’ll be assured that what you get him or her will be something he or she will really love and use. For example, maybe the graduate doesn’t have a gown for the grad ball yet. Why not buy one for her? At least you’ll know your gift is used, and not just shunned away to one side.

Stay Away From Generic Gifts

T-shirts, mugs with graduation greetings or cards make good graduation gifts, but the problem with these is they don’t really have any sentimental value for the graduate. If you’re not really very close to the person, these are okay, but if you’re someone they’re close to, stay away from these gift choices. Remember, a student only graduates from high school once. Make it count, and make sure he or she won’t be disappointed with what you give.


So you’ve got money and you want to spend some for your son or daughter’s gift. That’s okay, but make sure you are really financially stable before opting for expensive gifts. Popular requests of high school students include a new car, a vacation, a brand-new PC, jewelry or new professional designer clothes. Before you select one, though, think about the considerations that come with these items.
For example, you’re giving a car; can your child drive already? Did he or she pass driving school and have a license already? As for a vacation, are you sure you’re completely comfortable with her traveling abroad or to far places? Weigh these thoughts first, before settling for a gift item.

Choose Practical And Useful Items

Splurging is good, but if you want to give something memorable, but also highly useful, you can buy a practical gift. After all, his or her student life won’t end after high school, right? The graduate will need plenty of stuff to help him or her through college, too.

Books about the graduate’s field of study is a good choice. You can also buy plenty computer items, such as a flash drive, blank dics, power chords, or even a new printer for his or her PC. If he or she is going away, buy a microwave, a dorm fridge or a good desk lamp.

Memories Count

Not everyone can spend a lot of money for a graduation gift, though. If you need to tighten your belt a little, and you want to save the cash for his or her college tuition, that’s all right. You can just settle for a do-it-yourself sentimental gift item. One idea is to make a high school scrapbook. Collect photos, clippings and other memorabilia from his or her high school years and compile them. Ask his or her friends to doodle thoughtful messages. You can beautify the gift yourself using craft materials.

Play It Safe, But Be Thoughtful

If you don’t have time to go shopping, you can pick out safe, but thoughtful gifts for the graduate. Money is always a safe choice. Put it in a card with a funny congratulatory message inside. You can also get a gift certificate to a music store or sports shop. With these, the graduate can pick out an item he or she wants to have.

The best graduation gift is given with love and sincerity. As you give your present, don’t forget to hug and pat the student’s back for a job well done!