How to Build an Awning

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How to Build an Awning

How to Build an awning

You can save a lot cash if you plan to build your own awning. It has been assessed that a person can save up to 90% of his hard-earned money by building his own awning. However, you need to know the process properly for getting the best out of the investment you make. Here is the information that can be an answer to a person who has a query ‘How to build an awning’.

Required Parts

There are certain parts that are necessary to build an awning.

  • Tarp – 8′ * 10′
  • Nylon Rope – 3/16″ and length should be 50′
  • Large Washers – 2 pieces
  • Steel Rod – 8′ sectioned 1/4″
  • Tent Poles (extendable) – 2 pieces
  • Small Clamps (rubber tipped) – 2 pieces (for certain designing methods)

A rubber clamp prevents the paints from getting damaged. A 3″ long clamp is good enough for an awning.

8′ Steel rods are too long for some people’s comfort. However, an inch smaller does not cause any harm and allows the rod’s end to be covered by the overhang of the tarp. It does not allow the paint to get scraped. Stainless steel rods will only leave you paying extra and lots of rusting issues.

Procedure for Assembling

  • The grommets should be removed off 8′ tarp’s one end.
  • The edge without grommet should be folded and then sewed for leaving small channels between two ends. The width of the channel should allow 1/4″ steel rod to slide swiftly.
  • The rope should be split into 2 sections.
  • Washer should be tied to each section of the rope.
  • The end of each rope should be tied with slipknots, allowing it to be ready for using as stakes of the tent.

Note: Rough edges in the washer, if any should be removed for getting longer life of the rope.

Deployment of Awning on your Bus

The awning should be set up on a bus that has a channel by following these steps:

  • 1/4″ steel rod should be slid in the sewed tube that is in the tarp.
  • 8′ channel should then be slid on to the door side that slides.
  • It requires around 5 minutes or even less for 2 people to deploy 2 poles, 2 ropes and 4 tent stakes on to the bus.
  • All that is left for you to do is to enjoy the relaxation!

Storing an Awning

It is very important to understand that to properly preserve an awning, storing it carefully in the bus while traveling is necessary. The tarp should be kept inside a bag underneath the seat. Poles can easily be telescoped down for fitting into the storage compartments. 1/4″ steel rod can be kept in the channel of the tarp or rain-gutter.

1/4″ steel rod should be given the slightest of nudge if kept in a channel for a firmer gripping. This prevents damages that can be caused when you might have harder push on the brakes.

It is necessary to clamp the 1/4″ steel rod to the rain-gutter (if choosing rain-gutter) for preventing it from getting damaged while driving.

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