How to Build a Worm Farm

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How to Build a Worm Farm

Have you ever thought about building a worm farm? Do you even know why a worm farm can be a great asset to you? Worm farming is a very inexpensive way to use organic waste and to improve the quality of your dirt, at the same time saving valuable earth space.

Building a worm farm is an extremely easy task to complete if you have a good attitude towards the project, or if you are experienced.

Required Materials

  • Cardboard
  • Water
  • Compost
  • Worms
  • Topsoil
  • Bins


Step one: Consider using old kitchen waste, manure, cat litter, cardboard and other various types of trash to build your worm farm. These will give your worm farm the most potential possible.

Step two: Do an online or self-search for places that sell worms and make sure that you ask for prices from multiple companies, you should not jump on the first batch you see without seeing a few alternatives.

1 lb. (or 1000) red worms costs approximately $20 to $30. Remember that the cost of worms can vary from state to state and you must take into consideration the sales and shipping cost when planning into your budget.

If this is your first time building a worm farm, only invest in worms to begin with; do not get carried away with all the accessories. The most popular worm for building a worm farm would be the red worm. If it is possible, stay strictly to the red worm. A worm weight gainer is also a very safe investment, this will help the worms to eat and use more of the waste.

Step three: Ensure that you have a few bins on hand. Fill 25% up with dirt and another 25% with other compost material. Once this is all done, you will soon realize the full potential of a worm farm and what pleasures it can bring to your garden. A worm will eat any thing in its sight, even an old pair of cotton socks.

As you can see building a worm farm can be both very simple to build and beneficial to you and your garden.

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