How to Build a Trailer

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How to Build a Trailer

A good axle kit must be chosen for the trailer, and the suspension, frame, weight capacity and height must be considered, depending on the type of trailer that you want to build.

Step 1: The main frame pieces have to be first cut up and welded. A good cut off saw and welder can be used for this task. The things need to be flat as well as square. The flatness as well as the shape need to be tested before further steps can be taken.

Step 2: The axle needs to be positioned depending on what kind of trailer you need. If it is a tilting trailer, the axle has to be positioned in such a way that it is towards the gravity center.

trailerStep 3: Next the tongue weight must be calculated when everything is done. You can use about five percent of the trailer’s weight as the tongue weight. This would be sufficient when you want to trail it, after you unload the goods.

Step 4: The axle has to be centered with the frame, and this is a very critical point that cannot be ignored. It has to be in line with the center line of the frame. To make sure that the tracking is straight, the distance between the wheels to the hitch has to be equal. The axle needs to be square and centered on the frame, and for this the tongue has to be square and centered to the frame.

Step 5: Having the frame upside down, the tongue can be mounted to a cross bar, and it should be ahead of the axle. There will be a solid round bar at the end, and it will be a square tube that forms the tongue. There will be two mounting tabs with half inch holes, and the round bar has to be between them. This is for the pivot action that is needed for the trailer.

Step 6: Next a latch has to be attached, and this will prevent the trailer from tilting. It has to be latched to something so that it will not fall out of place.

Step 7: Small rods can be used for fenders and low heat can be used to weld them into the system (Learn how to weld). Angle iron can then be used to reinforce the fenders, and this can be used as mounting points for various purposes. The rails on the side can be done with an angle iron. At the side, the fenders can be attached so that it will strengthen the hold of the system.

Step 8: The vertical pieces for the back, can be made with two pieces of angle iron, which are welded together. This is naturally used if you want to put any gate, with the help of a board, for any loads you might take. A good ground connection with the pivot must be given, and this will dim tail lights.

The surface rust can be removed before the painting is done, so that it is long lasting. (If you’re novice in rust removal, learn how to get rid of rust) This trailer would cost much less to build than one that you were to purchase from a shop.

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  1. Doug Olson said,

    on July 18th, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    I have built a trailer that you can drop to the ground to make loading easy.It is a single axle trailer and the biggest load I have hauled so far is 3000 lbs I am using a trailer home axle that I cut in two. Very cool. All the steel was free to me and so was the axle all I had to do was build it.

  2. victor said,

    on December 4th, 2009 at 9:05 am

    when yuo build a utility trailer doble axe six by ten were yuo positioned the axe on center or off center

  3. daniel said,

    on May 19th, 2009 at 12:18 pm

    how do you you build a trailer