How to Build a Tiki Hut

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How to Build a Tiki Hut

A holiday in Hawaii isn’t complete without staying under cool tiki huts, but what if you don’t have enough money to go to this dream vacation destination? Here’s a great idea: bring the tiki huts to your backyard! Building your own tiki hut by the pool is an easy task, if you have the right materials and a lot of determination.

What You’ll Need:

  • Bamboo poles
  • A table or a moving bar
  • Silk leaves
  • Thatched palm panels (Ready-made)
  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver
  • String
  • Screws
  • Saw
  • Carving knife
  • Measuring tape
  • Tiki hut decorations
  • Helpers


  1. Determine where you’re going to put the tiki hut. A large patio or by the pool would be great locations. If you want, you can set it on the grass, but chances are it will get damaged when rain pours.
  2. tiki hut

  3. Know how high you want the tiki hut will be. Get four of your bamboo poles then measure them according to the height you choose, sawing the edges to cut the excess amount.
  4. Set your tiki hut’s width. Pick out three more poles and cut them to your desired length. Afterwards, get two more poles, then cut them to how deep you want the hut to be.
  5. Put two bamboo poles on the ground for the depth, then two for the length. Arrange them in a rectangle (or square), then attach the ends together by screwing them with a screwdriver. Two screws for each end will suffice, one for the inner edging and another for the outer edge. Pull at these poles, making sure they’re secure.
  6. Get four more bamboo poles, then cut them equally, sawing the ends so they have blunt points. Ask another person to stick a pole in one of the frame corner’s inside, then hold it up at an angle. Screw this in place, then repeat the procedure for the other three poles. For the last pole, ask the helper to hold it in the frame’s center, where the angled poles meet. Screw these properly in the center pole. Your frame with a slanted edge cover is now ready.
  7. Carefully slice the lower frame and the top length pole’s inner edges. Afterwards, get the ready-made thatched palm panels, then slide them in these edges.
  8. Get the silk leaves, tying string around each stem. String them from the cover’s top and tie them down to the top pole, so their leaves hang down. Repeat this, until your whole cover is covered with leaves.
  9. Ask a couple of helps to lift the cover up, while another holds a height pole under a corner of the covering. Screw the height pole to the thatched covering. Repeat with the other three height bamboo poles.
  10. Decorate your tiki hut with party lights, grass mats and tiki lanterns. If you want, you can also put in a table or a moving bar inside the hut.

Why spend a lot of money to enjoy Hawaii, when you can bring Hawaii to your backyard? With a cool and well-built tiki hut to use, you’ll surely get the fabulous feeling of being at the beach anytime you want. Tiki huts are seen during Luau parties, if you want more tips on staging a luau party, read Luau Party Ideas.

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