How to Build a See Saw

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How to Build a See Saw

How to Build a See Saw

As one of more popular playground activities available, children frequently ask their parents to build them one. If you are the parent, you’re in luck since this is a fairly easy and inexpensive project to complete. Since you will be placing the see saw in an outside setting, using strong materials that are also weather resistant such as pressure treated wood would be a good investment.

The first thing you will need to build or purchase is a fulcrum. This is the object that the long board will balance upon. It needs to be roughly sixteen inches high. Of course when two people are sitting upon the see saw, they should be around the same size for the fulcrum to perform correctly. For the fulcrum, you will need something sturdy and round. You could purchase a round metal barrel at a local hardware store but make sure it is weather resistant as well. By placing the barrel halfway into the ground by laying it sideways, you should receive a rather sturdy fulcrum. Filling up the barrel with sand or another material would help it to be more durable. Another popular tip is to place spikes that are placed through the fulcrum into the ground.

For the frame, you will need a four by four inch piece of wood, but be sure that it is strong enough for holding a good amount of weight. You will then cut them into many pieces supporting the fulcrum.

As for the seat you will be using, this should be approximately ten feet long. To avoid easily breaking, a 2″ or thicker board should be used. Make sure the width is not to large as it needs to be comfortable for people to sit on. Underneath the seat you will need to place two blocks that will center the seats on the fulcrum. You will need to attach these using screws. In the area where people will be sitting, they will need a handle. You will need to bolt on a piece of wood approximately 5 inches x 6 inches which will support the handles. By using lag bolts, drill them through the seat into the handle support to keep them in place. Each handle should be anywhere from 2″ to 8″ long for grip.