How to Build a Horse Stall

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How to Build a Horse Stall

A horse for leisurely horseback riding is a great idea, but remember that you have to care for this animal well, so he will serve you for a long time. One of the first things you must have is a horse stall. Here’s how to build one.

What You’ll Need:

  • Nails (three inches long)
  • 4 by 4 inches by 12 feet board pieces
  • 2 by 10 inches by 12 feet board pieces
  • Screws (two inches long)
  • Four hinges (three inches long)
  • 3 ½ inch lag bolts
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Helper


  1. Lay down your two corner posts 12 feet apart. You can use the 2 by 4 inches by 12 feet board.
  2. Nail the 2 by 10 inches by 12 feet boards, starting at the bottom of the 12 foot by 4 by 4 inch corner post, working your way up. This makes one side wall. Make sure the boards are touching each other, but they shouldn’t have gaps, to avoid the horses from injuring themselves, especially their legs. If you need another side wall, just do these steps again.
  3. Stand up the wall, or walls, where you want the stall to stand. Attach them to existing beams or walls, using 3 ½ inch lag screws and a screwdriver.
  4. Lay down three corner posts, using the 4 by 4 inch by 12 feet boards, putting them four feet apart. This makes the stall’s front, so it must have a window and door for feeding the horse.
  5. Nail down one 2 by 10 inches by 12 feet board across the three posts you lined down.
  6. Cut the 2 by 10 inches by 12 feet boards into two. You’ll need five boards that are eight feet long. The rest must be four feet long to make the door, and beside it the window.
  7. Nail five of the eight foot long boards from the bottom going up to the post on the left and the center one. Leave an opening for the feeding window.
  8. Stand the front wall. You might need a helper for this. Attach it to the overhead beams and the side walls using the 3 ½ lag screws.
  9. With the four foot boards, frame the door. It’s a good idea to divide the door in two sections, so if you want, you can close just the bottom one, while keeping the top open.
  10. Hang the top and bottom door sections by screwing the heavy duty hinges in the posts and the door. Lastly, attach the six-inch slide bolt with screws to the corner post and door.

A Few Tips

  • You can choose ready-made stall kits for easier building.
  • Put the stalls near the entrance so they’ll get proper ventilation and adequate sunlight. Putting electric fans around the stall also helps keep the place cool.
  • Metal is a good material for a horse stall too, but lumber is easier to work with. Pick a good and solid type of lumber that can withstand pressure and abuse (kicking, chewing) from your horse.
  • You can stain, varnish or paint the horse stall. Metal chew guards can also be attached to the top of its front wall.

Take care of your horse properly by giving him a well-constructed stall. It’ll help assure you that he will be around for years for your horseback riding pleasure.

* You’re horse stall will be useless if you don’t have one and you don’t know how to ride a horse.