How to Build a Go-Cart Frame

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How to Build a Go-Cart Frame

If you love driving and racing, you may have dreamed about building and driving your own go cart. Go carts are lots of fun and while there are pre-built go carts available, for those do-it-yourselfers, you can build one with relative ease. Here are some tips:

The Basic Frame of a Go Cart

The basic go cart frame is generally square or oval. There are many different styles of frames that you can build. Just keep the size of the rider in mind when building your frame. Don’t make your frame too small or too big; try to fit the rider in the frame comfortably and safely. Make sure you take your time when planning the frame. A frame needs to be sturdy and stable. To come up with a good sized frame, sit on a big piece of cardboard and outline a frame surrounding you. Be certain that you fit your entire body inside the frame outline including your hands and feet.

Besides planning the go cart frame, you will also need to decide where other components of the go cart will be including the engine, battery, steering and braking kit, seat and roll bar (highly recommended for personal safety).

Materials Used in Building a Go Cart Frame

Tubing is usually the best type of material to use in go cart fabrication. While you might think that heavy plumbing tubing will work great, the downside is that this tubing is usually very heavy. Instead, choose tubing that is strong, but lightweight. Other materials that are needed can include:

  • Electric motor or gas engine
  • Car battery
  • 4 wheel tires of good quality
  • Steering and braking kits
  • Wheel rims
  • Seat
  • wooden dowels
  • steel plank
  • Saw
  • Bolts and screws

go-kart frameTake your metal tubing and using a special saw cut the metal tubing and some wooden dowels. Once the tubing has been cut to specifications and holes are drilled, connect the tubing to create a frame. You may use a welder or strong bolts and screws depending upon your requirements.

Once the main part of the go cart frame has been constructed, start creating the additional parts of the frame that hold your engine in place, steering and braking kits, wheels, seat and roll bars. Generally speaking, your go cart frame will sit about 2 inches off the ground depending on the size of your tires. Keep in mind that the lower the go cart is to the ground, the better the center of gravity that will keep the go cart stable and reduce the risk of it flipping over.

If you would like to build a go cart frame, but would like to use a trusted plan, you can purchase, as well as download go cart frame construction plans free over the Internet.

* The frame is the first thing you should think about when you build a go-cart. If you’re interested in making something fast for a very low price, you may want to think about building a racing lawnmower. For real motoring enthusiasts and car customization experts, a rat rod is a serious, compelling, and exciting challenge to build.

Images of Building a Go Cart Frame