How to Build a Catapult

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How to Build a Catapult

Things You Will Need to Build a Catapult

If you are planning to construct your very own catapult, you initially need the following materials:

  • 3 pieces of sticks or wood approximately 10-12 inches (you can use longer ones if you desire to make a bigger one)
  • 8 pieces of sticks or wood approximately 5-6 inches (Note: just make sure that these pieces of wood are half the length of the 3 longer pieces.) 2 of these sticks ought to be cut at the edge at an angle creating a roof like shape (that’s about 45 degrees)
  • Pieces of screw or nails (or even thumbtacks)
  • A bottle of strong glue or glue gun with glue sticks
  • 1 tough stretchable piece of rubber (much like the ones that are used for slingshots)
  • 2 hooks of about a centimeter in size (the ones that look like question marks)
  • 1 slim metal pole (this one should be of the same length as the smaller pieces of wood)
  • a small container or basket (which will serve as the container of the projectile you want to launch)

Making the Catapult

If you have all of the stuff mentioned above, you can now start assembling the pieces of sticks or wood by following these simple guidelines:

catapultStart assembling the frame of the catapult.

The Two Sides of the Catapult

Place one of the longer pieces on its side

At this point, screw and glue (you can choose between screws, nails or thumbtacks) one of the sticks with a 45 degree cut at the end of the longer stick. The 45 degree angle cut should be placed in line with the first long stick. This should look triangular, forming a 45 degree angle towards the longer stick

Now, connect one of the uncut sticks to the long stick and the 45-degree-cut stick. The end of this stick should be placed squarely with the long stick so that it can stand. This would now form some thing like a letter “A” on its side.

Next, make another one like this using the same kinds of sticks stated above.

These would be the two sides of the catapult.

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The Frame of the Catapult

Next, connect these two sides. (Note: the 45-degree-cut sticks should be placed in the inside). You may begin this by screwing and gluing a piece of the shorter sticks on each of the ends of the long sticks, thus connecting them. You can secure and fasten it by using glue, screws, nails or thumbtacks. Then connect the two 45-degree-cut sticks by placing and fastening a piece of wood on top of them. Then, connect and fasten the two pieces of sticks which are upright by also screwing and gluing the last piece of the shorter sticks to both sticks.

Now, you are finished with making the frame of your catapult.

Making the Launcher of the Catapult

This time, you are ready to make the launcher of your catapult.

Start by making a hole on the end of the last piece of the long sticks. This hole should be about 3 inches from the end (same measurement as to the distance of the two upright sticks from where they are attached to the closer or nearer end of the base sticks). The hole should be a tad bigger than the metal pole.

Now, fasten one of the hooks to the other end of this long stick (about 2 inches from the end of this stick).

Afterwards, glue your container or basket to the end of the stick (right before the hook).

At this point, you should attach the launcher of the catapult to its frame. To do this, you just need to insert the metal pole into the hole you made before the launcher. Next, connect the metal pole to the two upright sticks (you can wriggle it a bit into the upright stick so it attaches itself better or taping it would also help so that it will not wobble).

Finally, just attach another hooks on the base (to the opposite of the launcher), and it should be aligned to the other hook.

Launching an Object using your Catapult

To launch something using your catapult, just tie the rubber to the base hook, stretch it, attach it to the other hook, and let go!

Making your own catapult is cool, but have you tried making a ballista yet? It’s a crossbow used by Romans and Greeks during ancient times. If you know how to make a ballista, you’ll be much cooler! While you’re at it, why not learn how to build a trebuchet, too? You’ll be launching a lot of things in the air, before you know it!

Catapult Videos

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