How to Build a Castle

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How to Build a Castle

How to Build a Castle

To start, you will need to have a blue print of the design of the castle you are going to build. From the entire outline to the moat, you will also need to plan out the garden, the wall and the fence.

Use a ruler to draw the dimensions of the castle to scale. Drawing to scale means you must choose a standard scale for measuring so that each building is in proportion with the others.

Brick, stone and mortar was used to hold together the pieces of art in olden times. The four towers would go up first having windows at the top facing the castle’s courtyard. Remember that building a castle was a very challenging task, and would still be today, requiring a lot of money and some time. In medieval days, 2,000 men from master masons, quarrymen, woodcutters, smiths, miners, ditchers, carters and carpenters built the castles.

A castle is a mix, a mix between a large mansion home and military base. These homes were needed to make and prove a statement. They were a safe secure place for one to reside.

Steps to follow

You can follow these steps to come up with your own modern-day castle:

Step one: Choose a location for the castle that has a ground level a little bit higher than sea level. This should be a place that modern day law allows to build castles on. Make sure to find out all of the legal sided aspects to building your castle.

Step two: Dig the moat, this will serve as an excellent security factor, the lining of the moat would be filled with cement, and remember the larger the moat, the more expensive it will be.

Step three: Lay your foundation, if you wish to have a courtyard you may leave the earth as it is, or lay concrete over it to have a cleaner look.

Step four: Place the stone on top of one another for the walls, using mortar or concrete in between the stones. The sizes of the stones indicate the strength of the walls. Make sure you stack the stones in an overlapping order to maximize stability.

Step five: Add in features such as windows and door holes during the construction of the walls. If you wish to have actual glass windows, you will need to set these in place.

Construct using wooden beam for more orders of support, stone would be used for more security.

Some tips to go along: Any plumbing or electrical work should be considered in these basic layouts. You should make sure you contact an electrician as well as other necessary persons such as plumbers.

* Building your own royal castle is easy, but if you know how to make a fort, you can have some added fun playing King or Queen. If you also know how to build a pyramid, things will even look brighter for your future and your place in history. If you don’t have dreams of world domination, then building an igloo may just be your thing.

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