How to Build a Brick Fire Pit

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How to Build a Brick Fire Pit

If you are wanting an exciting yet inexpensive addition to your backyard, an outdoor fire pit is the perfect choice. Although it is pretty challenging to construct, it is possible with just a few basic items such as a shovel and several bricks. After all of the hard work you will have a more exciting means of cooking and a great environment to relax by on chilly nights. Just make sure that it is legal to build outdoor fire pits in your area.

Step One: First you will need to find an appropriate place for your fire pit. Obviously you do not want the pit to be in an area where pets or children can wander around accidentally. Also make sure that it does not have many low trees or much flammable materials laying around.

fire pitStep Two: You will need to use your shovel and dig approximately a one foot deep pit. Make sure you leave enough room for the wood after you have laid down the bricks. A common shape for fire pits is a circle or an oval; however, the shape can be anything you decide you want.

Step Three: Lay the bricks at the bottom of the pit so the wood will not be laying on the soil as it is burning. Have the outside of the pit exceed the surface of the ground and the middle 25-30 inches below ground level so the wood will have a place to burn. This wall will also help block wind that could put out your fire.

Step Four: To make the appearance of the pit more pleasing, you can decorate the outside brick wall or even have a structure build such as a small picnic area.

Step Five: You will need to purchase or chop your own wood to burn. Many different logs give their own unique flavor to the food you will be cooking.

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