How to Break a Curse

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How to Break a Curse

Whether it’s a long losing streak, life’s little misfortunes, or a curious case of possession, curses have long been a part of human culture.  Many cultures all over the world have curses unique to them, with each curse having a unique way to be removed.  Here are some ways for you to break a curse.

What are Curses?

A curse is a term that encompasses misfortunes that cannot be explained by science or logic.  Most curses are supernatural phenomena and fortunes passed on from generations.  Curses can come from many different sources:

  • Bad luck. Walking under a ladder, crossing the path of a black cat, or breaking a mirror are common signs that bring bad luck to people.  Many of these notions of bad luck in the Western world are rooted in ancient traditions brought into the New World by years of contact with other cultures.
  • Taboo is a very traditional part of myth and folklore that has a lot to do with curses.  Taboo is a prohibited practice, behavior, or object that society looks down upon.  Many taboos like witches, eunuchs, and places like sacred groves are sources of curses.  Some examples of taboo include intermarriage, particular foods (like eating beef for Hindus or pork for Muslims), or drug use.  Bad luck as a result of taboo is often used to preserve and reinforce order in society.
  • Time. Some people attribute years of bad luck and misfortune to time.  Some famous curses, like the curse on the Boston Red Sox (the “Curse of the Bambino”) in baseball and the curse of Mario Andretti in motor racing, cannot be adequately explained by experts, so the bad luck is often referred to as a curse.


One way to get rid of a curse is to exorcise the evil spirits that may be found in the object, or getting rid of the evil spirits that may have possessed the individual.  Objects with magical, spiritual, or sacred qualities are often used to remove the evil spirits that may be behind the curse.  Some tools used in exorcism include:

  • Chaplets are prayer beads used by Roman Catholic priests to perform an exorcism.  The rules of the Church in exorcism are very strict when it comes to exorcism, and rarely do priests ever seek permission to perform one.
  • Rituals. In some pre-modern cultures, rituals are used to break a curse.  Many of these rituals include music, dance, or some ceremonies performed on the patient to coax and eliminate the evil spirits.
  • Charms. If there are unlucky objects, there are also some objects that can either reverse bad luck, or provide a person with a ward against evil spirits.  Some of these charms include amulets, special potions, herbs, or other objects believed to be lucky.

Lots of things that are considered “bad luck” may have very logical reasons that can be explained through science, but it doesn’t hurt to try some of these ways to break curses.  While you are inevitably responsible for your good luck and fortune, sometimes you may need just a little luck to get out of a rut.