How to Boost Your Cable Signal

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How to Boost Your Cable Signal

Today cable TV comes as the only standard in TV viewing and at some point, browsing the internet.  In connecting the cable to multiple TVs or to a computer, the signal tends to weaken.  The frequency, as a result, makes the TV images become unclear and slows down internet connection speeds.  Boosting the cable signal is necessary for you to enjoy TV time and surfing the net.

Hook Up a Splitter

For multiple cable uses, the splitter the equally distributes signals to the hooked up devices, losing only minimal integrity.  It works well with TV to TV and TV to computer connections.  You only needed additional cables to connect all of the devices to the splitter.  Once connected, it is plugged into the main cable, which is linked to your TV antenna.  Keep in mind that the more connections you make, the weaker the signal gets, so prioritize the devices you frequently use.  You can purchase this useful gadget at all hardware stores and mini marts.

The Signal Booster

The signal booster is designed to increase your antenna’s ability to collect cabole signals, improving TV picture quality and cable internet connections.  It is connected to the antenna, so you may need the help of the cable guy in hooking it up, unless you have a pretty tall ladder.  The gadget is sold at most electronics stores.  Before buying one, check comparison websites and online forums for the best brands and models.

Adjust Your Antenna

The TV antenna may be misplaced after a storm or strong gusts of wind.  The misplacement happens to lower the signal strength picked up by the antenna.  If you have a tall ladder, you can climb to your roof and fix it.  Ask a partner to check all the devices hooked up to the cable to confirm the antenna’s correct placement.  The job is quite dangerous.  If you’re not good at balancing, better ask the cable company to send a technician.

Damaged Cable Port

In some cases, the TV antenna and the cable don’t have issues.  The cable port of your TV or computer may be damaged, reducing the signal strength picked up.  Hook up the cable to other TV sets or computers.  Once connected, check if the frequency is okay with those devices.  If the cable works fine with them, the cable port of your main TV or comuter may be damaged.  Call the technical support guys for the device with the damaged port.

Cable TV and cable internet are parts of many people’s routines today.  You should maintain the quality of the cable signals at all costs, otherwise you may lose the chance to view your favorite TV programs with pleasure.