How to Blow a Gum Bubble

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How to Blow a Gum Bubble

Bubble gum is made for blowing and having fun. While some people easily get the hang of this, even when they’re kids, some struggle, and just can’t blow a perfect bubble with the sticky wad. If you’re one of those who can’t

What You’ll Need:

  • Bubblegum


  1. Purchase some gum. You must get the kind that’s made specifically for blowing bubbles, and not the other types, like breath-freshening gum. You won’t create good bubbles with those other gum kinds.
  2. Start on one piece of bubblegum, chewing on it and working it around your mouth until it becomes soft. Using your tongue, roll the gum into a ball, then use the roof of your mouth to lean on. Move the bubblegum, so it rests behind your front teeth. With your tongue, push the gum against your teeth, flattening it.
  3. The gum is now in a flattened shape, behind your front teeth. Using again your tongue, gently push through the flattened gum until you cover your tongue with it, with a thin layer. Try to do this as gently as possible, so you won’t poke your tongue through.
  4. Remove your tongue from the layer. If it bursts, you must re-roll it again, and flatten it against your teeth.
  5. You now have a thin layer of gum. Carefully hold it with your lips, then blow air into it gently, coming from your lungs. A lot of people just blow out of their lips, but unfortunately, this won’t be strong enough to create a proper bubble.
  6. Keep blowing as long as you can or until the bubble pops.
  7. If it bursts, chew it, wrapping your slightly moistened lips around the gum that’s sticking from your mouth. Blow very slowly again.
  8. As you blow again, try to blow faster and with more air.

A Few Tips

  • Practicing in front of a mirror helps you improve. You can see whether the gum’s tip is in the right position or not.
  • More sticks of gum produce bigger bubbles.
  • Don’t put ice or water in your mouth while chewing on the gum or it’ll be tougher and not easy to blow.
  • Try blowing a bubble within a bigger bubble. Blow a bubble, seal it using your lips and make another one with the remaining gum. Blow carefully.
  • Don’t blow too hard or the gum will pop suddenly all over your face and hard to get off. It can also shoot off and land on another person’s face or hair.

Blowing a gum bubble is a cinch, as long as you know the right technique. Keep practicing, and don’t stop ’til the bubble pops!



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