How to Block Texts

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How to Block Texts

Ever wish there was a way to block texts from unwanted people or text spams? Unwanted texts and text spams (also known as m-spam) have become a bigger and bigger nuisance over the years, but it is possible to fight against them. Here’s how you can block unwanted text messages.

Internet-Generated Text Spam

AT&T provides some options for their users to block unwanted texts, spam texts especially. Most of the spam texts come from the Internet, and what spammers do is to randomly generate phone numbers to send texts to.

AT&T users can log on to using their account. If you’re an AT&T user, go to this website and click on Preferences. On this page, you’ll see the text-blocking options. Since most of text spam are generated from the Internet, you can simply choose the option to block messages that are sent via that medium.

However, if you are still interested in getting text messages from select websites, you can just individually block the websites that are sending you texts. Alternatively, you can instead make a confidential alias in the AT&T site. You can submit this alias to the websites you’re interested in receiving text messages from instead of a number. That way, your number won’t be randomly generated but you can still receive text messages from select websites.

Verizon Wireless has a similar website with similar features. Log on to and go to Text Blocking.

For T-Mobile Users, you can log on to and go to the Communication Tools and select Text Messaging. You may then proceed to block messages that come from emails, or filter your messages and allow messages sent to your phone’s alias or email to come through.

If you want telemarketers from calling your phone, you can block them too. Here’s How to Block Telemarketer Calls.

Individual Numbers

If you want to stop receiving text messages from a particular number or person, the easiest way to go about it to call your carrier. The option of barring numbers is a service that’s not readily advertise, but it’s there. Some service providers like AT&T will require a minimum additional charge for every number blocked, but it’s worth it if it will save you from receiving those unwanted text messages.

Sprint provides this service for free. Log on to and go to their Communication Tools link. Click on Text Messaging and you’ll be able to block specific phone numbers and websites.

Change Your Number

If you’re avoiding having a certain person or certain people from texting you, the option of changing your number is always open. You may need to pay a fee to your service provider to do it, but it’ll be worth it in the long run. Just be careful not to hand out your number to people you don’t know very well.