How to Block Someone From Calling Your Phone

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How to Block Someone From Calling Your Phone

There are times when we do not want certain people calling our phones. Other times we just want to block telemarketers who keep pestering us. Short of changing your phone number entirely (which still remains one of the best solutions to this problem), here are some things you can do to block someone from calling your phone.

Contact Your Phone Company

Cellphone companies can provide you different solutions for your problems, which include:

  • Cellphone companies provide the option called the Line Block. What it does is block out your number permanently to everyone, except for emergency numbers like 911. You can choose to reveal your number by dialing *82.
  • To temporarily block someone, dial *62 to prevent sharing your number.
  • Make sure that your cellphone company provides this service and if this will take effect even when contacting other cellphone service providers.
  • If you are not an American citizen, calling your phone service provider is still a good way to find a solution for your problem.

Blocking Telemarketers

Telemarketers are often the cause of most unwanted phone calls. To block them from calling you, register in the National Do Not Call registry (, which was made specifically for this purpose.

It is also illegal for telemarketers to contact your cellphone. Give a warning to a telemarketer who does contact you in this way, and in the second offense, report the offender to the Federal Trade Commission by calling 888-382-1222.

Blocking Threatening or Harassing Calls

If you are being harassed or threatened via the phone or your landline, you have several options:

  • Leave a voice message that informs anyone who leaves a threatening or annoying call will be traced by the phone company. No messages left at all must also be considered annoyance calls.
  • Acquire caller ID and let it go straight to voice mail if it is an unwanted caller. Do not delete the voice mails as you can use it when reporting the harassment later on.
  • Harassing or threatening calls can be reported to your phone company’s Annoyance Call Bureau. They will put a trap on your line with no extra charge. You’ll be requested to keep a log of dates and times that you have received harassing calls. In around two weeks, the log should be given to the phone company, which will be then checked against records. The phone numbers yielded can then lead to the harasser and the information handed over to the police.
  • You can also use the phone company’s Call Trace service. You will activate the code immediately after the threatening or harassing call and the number will be traced by the phone company. However, you will be asked to sign an authorization letter for the number to be released to law enforcement.

Cellphone Measures

  • If your cellphone has a blocking option, list the unwanted caller number into the “Do Not Answer” or “Block Call” list.
  • You can also input the number into your Call Screen option. This option will reject phone calls from selected and listed numbers
  • Priority ringing allows you to set ten phone numbers that the phone will allow you to answer. The rest will be automatically routed to voice mail.
  • Anonymous Call Rejection will require a blocked or hidden number to be unblocked first before the ring or the call to even come through on your phone.

Personal Measures

  • Don’t share your phone number with anyone other than family, your emergency contact and a close group of friends.
  • Don’t list your number on the Internet.
  • You have the option to have different phone numbers for work (or “public” use) and for personal use.



  1. Anna Crooms said,

    on November 27th, 2011 at 2:37 pm

    Hi! my name is Anna and some one keeps calling me on a private number and they don’t say anything , all they do is keep pushing the number buttons (which is a very annoying beep) and doing this continuously. I have absolutely no idea how they got my number. I really want this to stop. I called the Alltel customer service and the lady told me there is nothing they can do about it….well here they go again….HELP!!!!!