How to Block Explicit Web Content

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How to Block Explicit Web Content

The Internet has incredible benefits, but with its revolutionary benefits also come certain downsides. One downside of the Internet is that there can be explicit content within the reach of children and/or employees. Making of a safe Internet experience for anyone can be a frustrating, because for the most part, the Internet is largely unregulated. However, there are many free and paid products that will safely block explicit web content to an acceptable degree.

Simple Ways to Block Explicit Web Content

Some of the simplest ways to block explicit content include utilizing blocking features on many of today’s major Internet software products such as MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and AOL. These three software products include tools and resources that can block explicit materials such as pornographic images, coarse language and even adult material.

MS Internet Explorer users can easily access this feature by going to the following menu: Tools/ Options/ Content/ Content Advisor. Once in this menu, you can choose to enable a variety of settings that will block access to content such as drug use, violence, sexual images and topics, etc.

For AOL, you can set up a special account for a child in your family that will help block most material that isn’t age appropriate. For instance, for children that are in grade school, only very basic web functioning can be performed and only on the safest sites, whereas teenage children who are 16 or 17 years old may have access to much more of the web.

For Firefox, merely select options on the tools menu, go to the content section and set the desired limits.

Web Content Filters

Another easy way to block explicit web content is with web content filtering software. Web content filtering software gives any network administrator the tools to block specific sites, content that in general is not work appropriate and of course sexually explicit material that can be a workplace liability. Web content filters are usually very simple to install and for the most part work rather well. Some of the top web content filters available include; Cyber Patrol, Net Nanny, Surf Control and WebSense. Software such as Verizon’s Internet Security Suite contains blocking software for incoming websites and e-mail alike.

It should be noted that there is no sure way to block all explicit web content. While most browser settings and web filtering software should block the vast majority of explicit content, there may be times when inappropriate content will sneak through.

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