How to Become a Lawyer

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How to Become a Lawyer

Law is a very popular career choice among many students. Many dream of being lawyers, but few make it to law school, and even fewer end up becoming good lawyers. Becoming a lawyer is more than just about courtroom skills or a flair for legal drama; the law demands a lot of commitment, talent, and knowledge.

Becoming a lawyer is a very complicated task compared to many other professions. Law schools and even law firms look only for the best students to apply for and enroll. If you really want to pursue your ambitions of becoming a lawyer, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Apply to a Good Law School

It’s not the school that makes a good lawyer, but a good law school gives people an edge in their chosen professions. Good law schools are known either through tradition, word-of-mouth, or brochures given away at colleges and universities. When you plan to enroll at a law school, you have three choices:

  • University law schools like Yale, Harvard, Stanford, and Columbia are known to be the top law schools in the world. They are known for their rigid curriculum, the quality of education, and their excellence in the field of law.
  • Community law schools may not have the same prestige as university law schools, but they offer excellent law programs for a lower cost.
  • International schools are great if you’re already a lawyer, and you want to add extra credentials to your curriculum vitae. Law programs overseas are great places to study foreign relations, international law, or if you want to specialize in the legal systems of other countries.

Get Help With Finances

Law school is very expensive. Many people who have the skills and the talent to make it to law school often do not have the money to fund their education. Here are places that you can get money to finance your law degree:

  • Work. Many law schools insist that their students are employed, or have had previous work experience to prove that they can balance their time and finance their education.
  • Educational plans. Some financing agencies offer education plans for post-graduate education, including law school. Check your college plan provider to see if they have post-graduate coverage.
  • Scholarship grants. The best way to get to law school is to get a scholarship grant from an academic organization or from your college. Grants are usually given only to the best and most promising students of a school.

Make a Statement

When you file an application to a law school, make sure you make a statement. Law schools are not keen on accepting ordinary students with less-than-stellar academic records or mediocre credentials. Make your application clear, motivated, and worth the time of the examiner or the dean of the law school. Get a letter of recommendation from the most credible and most important person you know. The important thing is to sell yourself to the law school, and make them realize how important you are to their organization.

Keep Your Grades Up

Once you make it to law school, it’s important to maintain excellent grades. Many law schools have a high mortality rate because of poor academic performance. Study hard, and maintain a high grade point average. Show your law professors that you’re intent not only on becoming a lawyer, but you want to be an excellent lawyer. Do a lot of advanced reading, and sharpen your critical skills by participating in group discussions.

Admission to the Bar

After years of university education and law school, it all comes down to admission to the bar. The bar examination in the United States is one of several steps taken for a Juris Doctor graduate to become a full-fledged lawyer. Each state holds a bar exam for law graduates, which includes the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) and the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE). The state bar should also determine whether or not a person who passed the bar has the moral character and fitness necessary to practice law.

Law is more than just a career choice; it is a lifelong commitment. With these keys in mind, being a lawyer becomes an adventure and a journey of a lifetime.