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How to Be an Effective Leader

Leadership is more complex than “follow the leader.” Effective leadership is all about taking a group to the direction of success, and to realize the goals you all agree to reach. Often, though, people are chosen to lead when they least expect it, or are thrust in leadership roles at times they’re most unprepared for it. Here are some tips to help you become an effective leader.

Traits of a Good Leader

  • Trustworthiness. Leaders are chosen because people trust them enough to be able to lead. Trust forms the core of good leadership; if people don’t trust you to become their leader, then you wouldn’t be chosen to lead. That trust must be maintained and affirmed as long as you’re the leader of a group.
  • Credentials. Whether it’s a company or a country, credentials are very important when it comes to choosing a good leader. Qualifications and credentials depend on the task at hand, and may include wok experience or educational attainment.
  • Responsibility. Leaders always come from a group of followers, and is chosen because he or she demonstrates the best ability to work without supervision, or excels at the skill needed to get the work done. As a leader, you’re not only accountable for your own responsibilities, but you are also expected to look out for the people you are leading.

Leadership Skills

  • Management. Some leaders have the tendency to micromanage, or to involve themselves in every part of the project even if your supervision is not needed. Don’t involve yourself too much with the processes. Your task as a leader is to delegate and to manage, and to keep things running smoothly on your end of the hierarchy. As a leader, you should manage, not dictate.
  • Motivation. All tasks can put a strain in people’s morale, and it is your responsibility as a leader to keep your group motivated. Offer incentives, breaks, and rewards as long as they are reasonable.
  • Competence. Leaders are expected to know how things are done, and how to put different tasks together to make sure that things get done right. To lead your group to a common goal, you must know how to solve problems within the group, and to keep everyone on the same page and meeting expectations.

Leadership is all about keeping people on the right track towards success, and you can also take personal satisfaction in steering everyone toward that goal. With these tips, you can be an effective leader in whatever task your group is expected to perform.

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