How to Bait Deer

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How to Bait Deer

If you think deer baiting is child’s play, think again. A lot of thought and planning is required. This article will give you some tips on the process, and describe the necessary tools and procedures.

Tools/Materials Required

  • Doe scent
  • Tree stand
  • Camouflage clothing
  • Hunting rifle
  • Motion detector
  • Trail-monitoring system
  • Grunt tube
  • Mineral salt

Locating The Deer

The first thing you need to do is to find out areas that the deer frequent most often. Usually, you will find deer near nut-bearing trees. Sometimes, a change in water or food conditions can result in the deer altering their course.

Eliminating Body Scents

Wash yourself with peanut butter instead of soap. This helps eliminate any kind of floral or unnatural body scents. You could even rub mud over your face and entire body to eliminate any unwanted scent.

Clothing To Be Worn

Most avid deer-baiting professionals prefer to use camouflage clothing. This enables them to bait deer easily without getting noticed. There are plenty of varieties you can shop for these days, depending on your purpose.

Mounting The Tree Stand

You can use either a stand that is fixed to a select position or one that necessitates climbing. No matter which one you choose, make sure you mount it properly on the tree. Multiple tree stands can be placed to avoid concentrating human scent in one region.

Using The Motion Detector

Motion detectors can be very useful, especially if you are deer baiting at night. If you happen to fall asleep, a motion detector can alert you if a deer approaches. You can even employ a trail-monitoring system; it will send you a voice message when a deer is approaching.

The Doe Scent

Most deer get attracted by doe scent. Therefore, you could sprinkle a bit of this scent around the tree stand. You can hang the scent from a film canister from the tree, a dripper, or dispensers. Place the dispensers in an arc formation or in a straight line; keep them at least 20 or 30 yards apart to spread the smell.

Using A Grunt For Attraction

A grunt tube can come in handy, especially if you happen to be deer baiting in the rutting season. It has the potential to attract any buck in any season. Many baiters have found that even running bucks stop on hearing a grunt. You can get a clear shot in this way.

Feeding The Deer

You could have a timer set for midnight to signal feeding time for the deer. As they are nocturnal animals, it won’t take them long to recognize the feeding call. Very soon, they will become habituated.

Making A Mud Hole

Dig up a small portion of earth and fill it with salt. Add plenty of water to make an artificial salt lick for the deer. This is best done during spring as deer look for calcium sources at this time.