How Many Feet Are There In A Mile?

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How Many Feet Are There In A Mile?

How Many Feet Are There In A Mile?

The foot and the mile are units of length. A foot is between a quarter and a third of a meter. The international foot is one of the most common units of length. The international foot comprises 12 inches (3 feet make 1 yard).

The history of the foot dates back to 1958 when the Commonwealth countries along with the United States of America defined the length of a yard as 0.9144 meters. Correspondingly, the length of a foot was determined as 0.3048 meters. This became a standard unit, the abbreviation of which is “ft.” The foot is also denoted by a prime that is approximated by an apostrophe; the inch is often denoted by a double prime, or sometimes is approximated by two apostrophes.

However, the United States survey foot is defined as 1200/3937 meters, that is, 0.30480061 meters. It is chiefly used to map areas as part of surveys. The foot was known as a measure in all Western nations and was divided as 12 or 10 inches or 16 fingers. Historically speaking, the first standard foot measure was from Sumer. This definition is found in the statue of Gudea, dated to about 2575 BC. According to many metrologists, the foot was adapted from an Egyptian measure by the Greeks and finally by the Romans. Thus, the foot as a unit of distance dates back to ancient civilization.

Tools Needed

  • Calculator
  • Conversion table
  • Online converter


  1. Mathematically, there are 5,280 feet to a mile. To perform forward conversion of feet into miles, one should consider the following tips for a perfect conversion.
  2. A calculator can be used to aid the conversion.
  3. In order to convert feet into miles, divide the length in feet by 5,280.
  4. Check the answer with an online converter.

Tips and Warnings

  1. For accurate results, you should know that 1 mile is 5280 feet and 1 foot comprises 0.000189393939 miles.
  2. To convert miles into feet, one has to multiply the length in miles by 5,280.
  3. In case one is unable to do the conversion, it is best to take help of an online converter.
  4. The process of using an online conversion table is quite simple; one has to feed the figures to be converted and the Web site automatically gives the answer.