How Does Dogpile Work?

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How Does Dogpile Work?


Dogpile is an Internet tool that performs a “metasearch.” Today, people want fast, thorough, and fruitful searches when surfing the Internet. While the essence of search engines is the same, each has its own benefits and niches. Dogpile combines the best of different search engines, into a more powerful and efficient “metasearch.” It is fascinating to learn how Dogpile operates.

Required Materials

Not much is required except for a computer and an Internet connection.


A Pile of Data. J.D. Power & Associates recently selected Dogpile as 2007′s top consumer search engine. The term “dogpile” originates from the sport of Rugby. When several Rugby players pile upon each other, it is referred to as a “dogpile.” An animated dog named Arfie is the mascot of the company. Like a dogpile in a Rugby match, Dogpile piles up the best search results from the Internet’s premiere search engines.

How Dogpile Piles. Dogpile is founded on the need for efficient searches on the Internet. It is based on the idea that more people could perform better research than just one person could. Dogpile’s “metasearch” reveals the top search results from the Internet’s leading search engines. Each search engine has its own method of searching for the same “query.” It focuses on various factors, such as what information it classifies as pertinent, and the layout of the webpages. Dogpile assesses the results and deletes duplicates. This results in search engine results that are significant and complete.

A Super Search. Crawler-based search engines create and sustain their personal web indexes. On the other hand, meta search engines like Dogpile typically do not build maintain such an index. Rather, they process the web indexes that other search engines have created. This typically involves using distinctive methods to collect and process the search results.

Nuts, Bolts and Pros. How does Dogpile function technically? It sends your query to various search engines. The search is usually relatively fast, using “backdoor” servers. Meta search engines contain several advantages. Of course, time is saved compared to searching via individual search engines. Also, since search engines’ web indexes are unique, your search will have a broader range. Meta search engines are particularly useful when you need an overview of a subject. They are also beneficial when you require information quickly. Next, if you are maintaining a website, search engines like Dogpile allow you to learn the most significant keywords related to a fresh subject.

Finally, Dogpile allows you to observe how various search engines search for an identical query. This allows you to determine the pros and cons of various search engines available on the Internet.

Dogpile Drawbacks. Dogpile does not always produce an optimum search. If you search ordinary or trendy subjects, you may receive virtually the same results from various search engines. Also, it may not be able to determine precisely what topic you are searching about. This has been referred to as the “haystack” problem. Like any other tool, Dogpile is only useful when it is used properly.