How to Build an Egyptian Pyramid

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How to Build an Egyptian Pyramid

Are you fascinated with Egypt? Does the Land of the Nile always hold a sense of mystery and exotic culture? Well now you can re-create the same sense of magic and mystery in your own room! Yes, you can create your very own Egyptian pyramid!

Scale Model

To start making an Egyptian pyramid you will need to size it down by almost 3000 times in order to keep it in your room. Ancient pyramids were huge and housed not only the remains of the Pharaoh but also goods needed in the afterlife. You can easily create a miniature scale model of the great ancient Egyptian pyramid.

Obtain Photos

One of the first steps to start actually building on the pyramid is to get as many pictures as possible. You can download pictures off the Internet or check out history books. By having more pictures you can easily get an idea of the dimensions, materials used, texture, overall shape, and look.

Required Materials

It’s essential to have the following materials in place before you begin in the construction. You need:

  • Manuscript practice board (usually found under ‘Office Supplies’)
  • A good pair of heavy scissors
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Ruler
  • Instructions

    1. You will first need to make the building blocks of the pyramid. You can use Plaster of Paris to create each block. You could either use solid wax or clay to create the cast. Each block needs to be 5/8 inches in height and the gauge should be like 4 building blocks to the size of 5 regular blocks. Make as many of the blocks as you can to fit the size of the pyramid.
    2. Then you need to cut out a 10 by 10 inch square from the practice board. Glue at least 10 of the blocks you created on to the board. Once you have pre-glued all of the blocks and they have dried you will need to assemble the entire pyramid.
    3. For the inner chamber which is going to be hollow you can create a 4 sided wall which has an open top. This chamber will be placed at the central region of the Egyptian pyramid.
    4. You will have an outer wall on which the pyramid will rest its base. You will also have an inner chamber located in the central region. Once you have both these structures ready you need to place the pyramid on to these 2 walls. Make sure that while you pre-glue the block rows of the pyramid you leave out the top portion open. You will need to place a triangular portion on the open end. This will ensure that you can open and close the top of the pyramid as needed.
    5. By keeping the inside of the pyramid hollow you can easily place items inside the pyramid as you wish.

      Images of an Egyptian Pyramid